Huanui Music

Encouraging an Appreciation for the Art of Music

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About Huanui Music

Huanui Music is a music society, whose principal aim is to foster an appreciation of music in group settings. One object will be from time to time to support music education for young people, in particular providing access to education at any stage (and support for parents) where access might be difficult. Huanui Music organises music performance matching good programmes, special venues, musicians and audience. 

This organisation has been created by the Bates family; Jonathan and his children Kasia and Michael. Huanui Music endeavours to carry on a family tradition of supporting and appreciating the performing arts, both through education and life-long interest.
A steering group has been set up to guide the initial activities of the organisation.


For Audience Members

As a society, we are dedicated to organising concerts for a range of audiences to enjoy, encouraging group appreciation of music through social music events. If you are interested in attending our events, please email to be added to our mailing list. 

For Musicians

Huanui Music programmes concerts in collaboration with local Guernsey musicians to create events that are tailored to specific audiences and venues. These events are focussed on classical and jazz music in chamber settings, encouraging communication between the performers and an intimate audience. Huanui Music also supports student musicians by providing performance opportunities, sometimes alongside some of Guernsey’s more experienced performers. Please visit out Artists page for more information on musicians who have performed with us. 

For Venues

Huanui Music organises concerts predominantly in chamber venues. Venues we have used in the past include the Town Church in St Peter Port, Guernsey, the Town Church in St Helier, Jersey, The Brock Room at the St Peter Port Constables’ Office and numerous other private spaces. 

For Students and Parents

Huanui Music is dedicated to supporting music education at all stages, particularly where access might be difficult. To achieve this, Huanui Music provides time to time financial support to aid in a student’s studies or to provide access to instruments. In the long term, Huanui Music is hoping to organise masterclasses for students on Guernsey to support their musical development. 


Upcoming Events

1st December 2023 – Neo-Classical Concert performed by Elena Fedorenko and James Hatton, 6PM at St Andrew’s Church