Nurturing children's passion for music by supporting memorable concerts in unique venues

About Huanui Music

Huanui Music has the charitable aim of providing access to musical education for children and support to parents. Our mission is carried out through musical events held in unique venues, emphasising a connection with the local community. We provide administrative services to these performances, matching musicians with new audiences for both private and public settings.

This organisation has been created by the Bates family; Jonathan and his children Kasia and Michael. Huanui Music endeavours to carry on a family tradition of supporting and appreciating the performing arts, both through education and life-long interest.
A steering group has been set up to guide the initial activities of the organisation.

Huanui Music

For children and parents
We aim to help children by providing fun, musical events to develop their interest in music. Huanui Music also supports children in developing their basic musical skills, primarily in wind instrument (recorder) and singing (individual and mini choirs). Parents are offered mentoring to help children in their practice at home.

For musicians
Previously, musicians have collaborated with Jonathan to create programmes and events which are tailored to specific audiences and venues. The events focused on classical and jazz music in a chamber setting. In this setting, musicians were able to develop rapport with the audience and raise awareness of their talents amongst an appreciative circle. Musicians who have supported Huanui Music include:

For audience members

If you are interested in attending our events and supporting the charitable aim of Huanui Music, then please register here to receive our newsletter:  

For venues and hosts
Huanui Music is always looking for new venues which could be suitable for charitable events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a private/public venue which could help our mission.


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